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K1BG Water Boiler
New variable capacity upgrade

Dimensions: 540*190*570 / 540*190*703 / 540*190*836mm
Rated power: 3kW / 6kW / 6kW
Rated current: 13.6A / 9.1A / 9.1A
Rated voltage: 220V / 380V / 380V
Recommended power supply: 16A socket / three-phase five-wire / three-phase five-wire
Volume: 30L / 40L / 50L
continuous water supply (5 lb warm bottle): 12 / 22 / 30


◆ Patented technology, comprehensive upgrade, industry-leading intelligent variable capacity and night power mode, multi-stage water level optional, one-click to help you save energy and reduce consumption.

◆ 1:3 step-by-step layer heating technology, layer by layer water into layer by layer heating, high speed, constant temperature, uninterrupted supply of 100% pure boiling water 

◆ water is boiling water, boiling once, effectively avoiding "yin and yang water" and " The production of thousands of boiling water creates a new era of healthy drinking water 

◆ Touch-type LCD computer board control, with the function of unattended automatic operation and visual alarm throughout the year 

◆ Five anti-safety technology, automatic fault alarm 

◆ Various options for installation, Wall-mounted or an integrated base to meet the needs of various places

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